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Mike McCormick was the featured advisor of Growth Amplifiers Magazine and highlighted as a Top Business Advisor in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Additional featured guests range from advisors, attorneys, and influencers including the Olymipic Gold Medalist, Shannon Miller.

As the owner of Financial Clarity Group, Michael works with business owners to transform the way the business occurs for them, creating freedom and prosperity.

Flip through the magazine below or download the magazine as PDF.

Listen to Mike's interview on the Growth Amplifier podcast.

Michael initially began his career by watching his father work in the profession. He came to understand that business owners should tap into the help and support of a professional's wide base of experience to help run their business rather than having their business run them.

In this podcast interview, Michael shares his holistic approach to how business owners can get in alignment with their goals, save more of the money they make, effectively scale their business, and craft a solid exit plan to achieve the goals that are most important to their business and life.

Tune into Mike's Podcast interview to:

  • Learn key mistakes to avoid high costs
  • Know proactive steps to take to improve results
  • Begin gaining financial clarity

When you are able to ask better questions, you can take better actions which leads to a better business and ultimately a better life. Don't leave it to chance. Get clarity.

When was the last time your CPA or financial advisor actively contacted you with proactive ways to save you money and build your wealth? Many CPAs simply report the history, but a selected few, work proactively help people improve and grow to achieve your goals. Inspired by his father who was renowned by his ability to help others with their finances, Michael McCormick is on a mission to help those he serves grow and accumulate wealth to achieve their life goals. Michael is a CPA, financial advisor and business consultant as well as the owner of Financial Clarity Group.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Thinking outside-the-box like Walt Disney, to plus up and create goal-achieving strategies.
  • A creative idea to higher your kids to save money on taxes.
  • How procrastination can cost you thousands and what you can do about it.

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