What did they do?

The media is focusing on the wrong issue creating the wrong buzz. They shouldn't be focusing on the tax refund you are or are not receiving as the case may be, as a result of filing your 2018 tax returns. A refund (Line 20) is merely a result of lending with no financial benefit. Who likes to do that? It doesn't take any skill to over-pay on anything, let alone your tax bill. Which is unfortunate  because Americans have convinced themselves that a refund is savings plan. You could have the excess withholding direct deposited into a separate account each payday and come out ahead. (savings account, brokerage, IRA, or to pay down a credit card)

On what should they be focused?

The real focus of your attention should be on the amount of your total tax liability. Line 15 of the 2018 form 1040, total tax, is the real issue. Most Americans have no idea the amount of total income tax they pay. Rather it's all about the refund. Line 15 is the number to compare to last year to see if you are better or worse off. It is the number that should garner the media focus and be reduced through legal strategies specifically implemented.

But, it can be fixed!

Tax planning! The tax code is full of legal tools and strategies to be implemented. Some you know about, some, we are confident you don't. Which are you willing to put into place to proactively effect Line 15? More charitable contributions, change the entity structure of your side gig or primary business, hire your children or your brother-in-law (who's mooching from you), open a personal IRA, or start a retirement plan in your business, and many many others.

What can you do to reduce line 15? We'll help you minimize line 15 to the least amount allowed by the Internal Revenue Code by helping you identify and implement court tested and IRS approved strategies designed to reduce your tax bill. Tax planning guarantees results.

Coming soon – Tony Stark v IRS

Coming soon – Tony Stark v IRS

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