Robert Khabbaz
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Robert Khabbaz - The Importance of Social Media in the Real Estate Business 

Robert started his 10+ year career in the industry as an avid Real Estate investor. He found a love for chasing the deal, obtained his Real Estate License, and never looked back. Robert’s biggest strengths are his energy, enthusiasm and compassion. His passion for serving his clients is evident in his attentive and communicative demeanor.

Robert epitomizes integrity and hard work. He consistently goes above and beyond to provide a bespoke and creative service to his clients. Robert is there for his clients for every facet of each real estate transaction.

Robert Khabbaz is the Blue Water Area’s #1 Social Media Realtor. Robert has built an online presence to not only make prospective clients aware of the outstanding service he provides but also, in order to provide his homeowners and buyers the best possible opportunities to buy and sell their homes as quickly as possible.

When he’s not writing purchase agreements and showing homes, Robert enjoys traveling with his wife. Robert is an avid reader and loves to learn from some of the greatest sales and real estate experts in the world

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