Rizalene Acosta
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Rizalene Acosta - Creating Memories to Frame a Lifetime

Rizalene has been passionate about real estate all her life. Growing up with an immigrant single mother in a residential assisted living facility, she learned how real estate can build wealth, provide safety and opportunity, and create memories to frame a lifetime. In step with her mother’s legacy, she owns The Willows LLC, two residential assisted living facilities. She has also been a flight attendant for almost 20 years while investing in real estate, passionate about buying undervalued homes and rehabbing them as rentals in Reno and the Bay Area. Through different avenues she's learned ways to break into real estate with a W2 job and low money down and understands how everyone's needs are unique. Strategizing with clients to achieve the best outcome, she strives for resilience and transparency with a servant’s heart. Outside of real estate, she loves traveling with her daughter Noa all over the world, walking her German Shepherd Hypoxia, snowboarding and yoga.

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Cheryl Ginnings – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Cheryl Ginnings – Thriving Real Estate Agent

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