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PPP Webinar Series 10:30am Wednesdays

How to effectively track and monitor PPP loan proceeds for maximum forgiveness.
Including Legislation and Regulation update.

SBA PPP Loans have been and are being funded
An  initial forgiveness application has been released
You'll get guidance for corporations and sole proprietors
Documenting the use of the loan proceeds
Strategies to maximize the amount forgiven

We provide a tool to help monitor and document
how you've spent the proceeds so you know where you stand before applying for forgiveness.
​We'll update you on the latest legislation and other issues related to PPP.

Join us Wednesdays 10:30am EST
Through June 26, 2020

After clicking the button you will need to
select "Register to All Dates below"

If you cannot attend register so you receive a link to the replay and invitations
to each of the weekly follow-up sessions.

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