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We know you hate payroll. To be honest we don’t like it much either. It’s simply an administrative task that doesn’t add any value to your business. But it needs to be done and done right, consistently.

Do you use a national service bureau to process your company payroll? Sounded like a good idea at the time right? You may not realize it, but you’re probably…

not getting a service customized to your business!

How do we know that to be true? It’s simple. We have clients who continue to use the large payroll processors and we see and hear about their frustrations and experiences and we see the service bureau results everyday. National payroll bureaus can’t provide customized options because they work on volume. You may think that customization or having a CPA firm process your payroll would cost substantially more but because we have leveraged technology the cost of our service is generally quite reasonable.  But, possibly more importantly, using our service allows us to have a more real time relationship with you.

You no longer have to accept a take-it-or-leave-it, one-size-fits-all payroll service that may not be right for your company.

Our payroll service includes the features and functionality you would expect like direct deposit; automatic deposit of federal and state payroll taxes; full federal, state and local payroll reporting compliance; generation of W-2s; third party check printing, employee portal and much more. In addition, we have pay-cards and the ability to setup any retirement plan (401(k), SIMPLE, DB). Sample-Payroll-Reports

We can configure the service to meet your specific needs. After a conversation and survey we’ll provide a payroll solution that enables us to work collaboratively with you to meet your needs. A service tailored to your business and situation. I’d like to tell you more about it. But, I would really like you to take it for a spin.

Process your first payroll for Free!

That’s right! We’ll get you setup just as if you were going to use our service. (Except for tax payments and direct deposit. We don’t want you to double up) Run your payroll on our system and your current provider side by side to compare the process, run reports, and compare results.  

We’ll walk you through from start to finish so you can see first hand how you will save time. We think you’ll be pleased. If for some reason you’re not we’ll make any necessary adjustments. If you decide not to make a change we'll simply continue working together as we always have.

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