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Ohio Delays Tax Due Dates and various tax requirements

H.B. 197
These are the more tax agency related sections. Full text available here.

15. Codifies the governor’s executive order relative to Unemployment Compensation. (see note)
a. Waives first week waiting period
b. Changes eligibility to include COVID-19 related unemployment situations
c. Waives work search requirement
16. Makes several changes, all due to Feds moving the tax filing deadline from April 15th to July 15th
a. Allows Tax Administrator to extend due date for income, school district, and municipal income tax administered by the state, and estimated payments.
b. Waives interest payments (penalties already able to be waived)
c. The “20-day rule” under municipal income tax for employees working from home during the health emergency plus 30 days is disregarded for both employee and employer.
d. Extends due date municipal net profit tax to be the same as the state due date.

Covid-19 Legislation Webinar

Covid-19 Legislation Webinar

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