Must I deduct all my business expenses?

Client says mortgage broker suggested that they remove their business expenses to look more appealing for a mortgage. ie Their income would falsely appear to be higher.

"If I didn't claim all of my business expenses, how much would I owe in tax?"

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Rev. Rul. 56-407 says, All business revenue and all business expenses must be considered when calculating net income from self-employment.

If that weren't the case a taxpayer may appear to qualify for tax, other government benefits, or possibly a mortgage, for which they probably shouldn't.

Please don't take tax advice from someone who does not have a strong background in taxation. Now I am fairly confident that the mortgage broker knows nothing of Revenue Rulings and certainly not Rev. Rul. 56-407. So I'll assume the mortgage broker accidentally suggested committing not only tax fraud but potentially mortgage fraud.  

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