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At Financial Clarity Group, we take the time to get to know our clients. How investing has occurred for you and what you want to accomplish are important in determining how you should invest. Part of the discovery process is performing a Portfolio MRI on your current portfolio. The results of the MRI diagnose how closely your portfolio aligns with empirically proven, Nobel Prize winning, academic investing science. You'll come away with clarity, peace of mind, and a plan of action.

What We'll Cover:

  • We'll take deep dive into how you are invested now and determining how closely your current portfolio aligns with your goals and your market view
  • You will receive, Personalized Portfolio MRI Analysis, Your portfolio Standard Deviation
  • You will also receive cricital answers to more of The 20 Must Answer Questions

Life is a Game 
Money is how we keep Score

Michael McCormick

President of Financial Clarity Group

Michael McCormick  //  CPA, Financial Advisor

My role as a fiduciary is to always do what is in my client's best interests.

It is my mission to change the way investing occurs for people from one of speculating, gambling, and fear to one of peace of mind, security, and abundance.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Michael McCormick

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