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Mitch has been a marketer his entire life. In his younger years it all revolved around radio, tv and print. Since 1994, Mitch has been involved mainly in Internet Marketing. From being one of the first online dating services in 1995 to being a top producing brokerage utilizing the Internet in our Real Estate offices, the Internet has changed everything!

If you are working to understand the Internet and what it can do for your business, please don't hesitate to ask Mitch. He always available help those reach the next level of their business. The Internet is the best tool of our time!

Mitch Ribak opened the doors to Tropical Realty of Suntree in 2005 and expanded the business to include Tropical Realty Beachside in 2014. Combining the businesses and partnering with a cloud brokerage in May of 2017, They are now Tropical Beachside powered by eXp Realty, LLC

Mitch says he made the move to provide his agents with “the ability to continue to excel and grow through world class support, programs and the most agent-centric revenue opportunities available today.” Also in consideration of the move was YOU, the customer now having access to a network of agents in the USA and Canada, virtual offices and referral networks, our agents can now work for you from anywhere with constant access to fellow agents and support staff around the world!

Tropical Beachside offices are centrally located in Indialantic, FL, and Melbourne FL. Staff works it out so both locations are staffed for client visits, assisting agents, and overall smooth office operations.

Laura Cohen Thriving Real Estate Agent

Laura Cohen Thriving Real Estate Agent

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