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Mabel Guzman- Navigating Real Estate with a Global Lens

Mabel Guzman is a Sales Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, with a wealth of experience in real estate purchase, leasing, and development. She takes a holistic approach to her work, consulting with a team of finance, legal, and construction experts to support her clients’ desired outcomes. Moreover, she works with investors who can provide homes to the most vulnerable while ensuring sustainable cash flows for her clients.

Mabel’s passion extends beyond the transactional side of real estate to advocacy and public policy for more than eight years. She has been an active voice in advocating for private property rights at the local, state, and federal levels, testifying before the Senate subcommittee on Housing “Inequality and Opportunity” and leading several initiatives on property taxes, loan limits, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and more.

In addition to her extensive experience, Mabel is a Certified International Property Specialist, demonstrating her commitment to being at the forefront of the international real estate market.

Please tune in to this episode to hear Mabel discuss her holistic approach to real estate, her passion for advocacy, and how she balances doing good with maintaining a sustainable business model.

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Amy Stockberger – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Amy Stockberger – Thriving Real Estate Agent

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