Kendra Novak
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Kendra Novak - A Real Estate Broker with a Passion of Hiring and Training Real Estate Professionals

Kendra is  a licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker. Part of her role as a real estate broker is to hire and train other real estate professionals. In addition to helping other agents achieve their real estate sales goals, she also enjoys helping her clients with achieving their home buying or home selling goals. At Novak Realty, LLC she has a team of hard working agents who are dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients. Whether you are a REALTOR looking for a new work environment, or a home buyer looking to move-up, or a home seller relocating to another area, Kendra is available to assist you. 

As a licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker, a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), a Certified Pre-Licensing Real Estate Instructor and the owner of Novak Realty, LLC, she has the skills, knowledge, expertise and information to lead you to a successful completion. 

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