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Karen Bordner - Problem Solver Mentality in the Real Estate World 

Karen Bordner is a Real Estate Broker Associate at HomeSmart Realty Group and she is also the President of KD Residential Investments, Inc.

She loves to solve problems. Throughout her career she has been driven by her intellectual curiosity to continuously learn but to apply that learning and curiosity to find answers to her clients issues and questions. Whether it’s solving sales operational issues to increase cycle times, educating clients on the value proposition and profit margin of products, or finding the perfect investment property, she has been able to quickly uncover the problem and identify a strategic solution.

Using her high EQ she brings a team and customer centered mindfulness that enable companies to innovate and prosper. When her  clients and team win she wins  in that order. She loves coaching and mentoring and enjoys seeing others achieve success. 

Being intellectually curious drives her to be a lifelong learner. She holds  an MBA from Colorado State University’s Executive MBA program, MA from Central Michigan and a BA with honors from The University of Toledo.

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Isaac Strycker – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Isaac Strycker – Thriving Real Estate Agent

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