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John Vallas - Building on Your Previous Work Experience to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent 

John Vallas is a licensed CA General Contractor and Licensed Real Estate Agent CA DRE. John is the President/Founder of  Vallas Construction & Development, Inc. Specializing in full home renovations and house rehabs, ADU's, multi-family development, and ground-up construction with homeowners and investors. He is familiar with construction loans, developing design-build team on an ongoing basis, and managing teams to plan and complete residential and multi-family construction projects.

He is also a Partner/Co-Founder of Pacific Beach Training, LLC. Personal/small group fitness facility.

In his  20 years as a professional, he has been fortunate enough to have been mentored by leaders in the military, in business, in non-profits, and in real estate. Following 10 years of service in the United States Navy, he transitioned into starting several small businesses, with his coffee company growing to a multi-million dollar business. He has led several local non-profits, and has been able to share his  knowledge teaching business students at California International Business University. 

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Dominic Sanchez – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Dominic Sanchez – Thriving Real Estate Agent

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