Ed Drummond - Thriving Agent
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Ed Drummond - Creating Success with a Great Team & Processes

Ed is the Principal and Designated Broker of Capstone Realty Professionals and has been an active real estate agent and investor in the Phoenix metro area since 2005. Having assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers in the Phoenix market since 2007, and ranking in the top 1% of Realtors by volume in the Phoenix metro area since 2015, Ed brings experience and a passion for real estate that his clients can rely on. Starting his career in corporate sales right out of college and buying his first investment property in 2006, Ed picked up the habits and traits that would help his future self form the foundation of Capstone. His entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and authentic desire to help others keep him motivated and inspired to bring REAL ideas to his business and partners. Ed leads by example while helping clients navigate through the many opportunities the Phoenix real estate market presents, both for primary home buyers, sellers, and investor clients. His personal experience as a real estate investor, small business owner, and mentor helps him expertly understand the needs and goals of his clients and helps keep Capstone at the forefront of shifts and changes in the market.

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