Dominique Sherrod
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Dominique Sherrod - Real Estate Agents as Educators Helping Their Customers

Dominique has officially been practicing real estate in Georgia since 2019. But real estate was in the background for her though her father, who is currently a broker out in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he deals with both residential and commercials. 

Before real estate she had worked in higher education, as an Associate Director with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. 

These experiences helped her as she believes that real agents are educating and informing their clients, so they make informed decisions.  

Currently Dominique has transitioned to working exclusively with a construction company where she can work as an agent but she also believes that she can learn more about the business side of this industry. 

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Abram Covella – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Abram Covella – Thriving Real Estate Agent

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