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Nick J. Kyte

Nick J. Kyte – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Nick J. Kyte - Following and Staying Current in an Ever Changing Real Estate Field is Vital As a top producing real estate agent, Nick J. Kyte and Team provide global exposure, tailored marketing

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Robert Khabbaz

Robert Khabbaz – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Robert Khabbaz - The Importance of Social Media in the Real Estate Business Robert started his 10+ year career in the industry as an avid Real Estate investor. He found a love for chasing the deal,

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Kendra Novak

Kendra Novak – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Kendra Novak - A Real Estate Broker with a Passion of Hiring and Training Real Estate ProfessionalsKendra is  a licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker. Part of her role as a real estate broker is to

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Daniel Naranjo

Daniel Naranjo – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Daniel Naranjo - Setting up Goals in Order to Achieve Great Successes in Real Estate Business Daniel has been a Realtor for 6 years now and he works for the brokerage of Home Quest Realty. He truly

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Tamairo Moutry

Tamairo Moutry – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Tamairo Moutry - Real Estate Agent, Broker and Developer in Four States with a Great Enthusiasm Tamairo is a Real Estate Broker, & CEO in 4 states. She has been in the real estate profession since

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Abram Covella

Abram Covella – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Abram Covella - A Real Agent who Believes in the Power of Teamwork  Abram is a Team Leader of the Ocean’s  Six Group LLC. In 2007, The Ocean's Six Group was formed and quickly set the standards

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Dominique Sherrod

Dominique Sherrod – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Dominique Sherrod - Real Estate Agents as Educators Helping Their CustomersDominique has officially been practicing real estate in Georgia since 2019. But real estate was in the background for her though

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Cheryl Ginnings

Cheryl Ginnings – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Cheryl Ginnings - Helping Realtors to Improve Their Production Cheryl is a passionate professional who is a former real estate agent and lately she works on marketing and content writing field. Therefore,

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Rizalene Acosta

Rizalene Acosta – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Rizalene Acosta - Creating Memories to Frame a LifetimeRizalene has been passionate about real estate all her life. Growing up with an immigrant single mother in a residential assisted living facility,

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Thriving Agent - Jay Tenenbaum

Jay Tenenbaum – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Jay Tenenbaum - Bringing Deal Flows to CommunitiesJay Tenenbaum, founder and President, Capital Development of Scottsdale REI, LLC, a privateequity real estate investment firm, specializing in acquiring

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Sam Bates Thriving Agent

Sam Bates – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Sam Bates - Freedom Through Investing in High Quality Real EstateWhen Sam, CEO of BCG, worked 60-70 hours per week in Corporate America, he realized there is more to life than a W-2 job. Through this experience,

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Jennifer Murtland

Jennifer Murtland – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Murtland - Real Estate Fight ClubJennifer Murtland has been in Real Estate for over 12 years. She enjoys meeting new people, building relationships and helping her clients fulfill their dreams.

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Jordan Moorhead - Thriving Agent

Jordan Moorhead – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Jordan Moorhead - Becoming a True Real Estate Business OwnerJordan Moorhead has been an Entrepreneur since he was a kid. He had a lawn business when he was 13 and walked around putting flyers around the

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Ed Drummond - Thriving Agent

Ed Drummond – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Ed Drummond - Creating Success with a Great Team & ProcessesEd is the Principal and Designated Broker of Capstone Realty Professionals and has been an active real estate agent and investor in the Phoenix

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Thriving Agent - Ryan Sypek

Ryan Sypek – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Ryan Sypek - Enhance Your Life with Real EstateRyan's passion for real estate started when he bought his first home in Angelino Heights. He strongly believes that loving where you live is invaluable, and

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