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Anna Ramos – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Anna Ramos  - A Realtor with a Great Global Experience Anna Ramos  has been a full time Realtor in business since 2006. She is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in Global

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Isaac Strycker – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Isaac Strycker - a Real Estate Agent who is Building Long Term Relationships and Giving Back to the CommunityWhen considering who to trust your most valuable asset with, you want to work with an expert

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Karen Bordner– Thriving Real Estate Agent

Karen Bordner - Problem Solver Mentality in the Real Estate World Karen Bordner is a Real Estate Broker Associate at HomeSmart Realty Group and she is also the President of KD Residential Investments,

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Peter Jumrukovski – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Peter Jumrukovski - A Medalist with Passion to Share Success Through His Podcast   Peter Jumrukovski has by working with goals for the last fifteen years accomplished to win a World Championship

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Sam Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Sam Rodriguez -Enthusiastic Podcaster with Long-Time Experience on the Field of Real EstateSam Rodriguez brings over two decades of invaluable experience and knowledge as a real estate professional in

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Dominic Sanchez – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Dominic Sanchez - Football Coach Turned into Real Estate Agent   Dominic Sanchez has extensive experience in coaching football teams. As a relatively new comer to the real estate business he

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John Vallas

John Vallas – Thriving Real Estate Agent

John Vallas - Building on Your Previous Work Experience to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent John Vallas is a licensed CA General Contractor and Licensed Real Estate Agent CA DRE. John is the

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Chrissi Chapman Topoleski

Chrissi Chapman Topoleski – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Chrissi Chapman Topoleski - A Real Estate Professional who is Balancing Her Knowledge in a Remarkable FieldChrissi is a native of Virginia, and Real Estate Professional since 2007, Chrissi is a natural

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Nick J. Kyte

Nick J. Kyte – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Nick J. Kyte - Following and Staying Current in an Ever Changing Real Estate Field is Vital As a top producing real estate agent, Nick J. Kyte and Team provide global exposure, tailored marketing

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Robert Khabbaz

Robert Khabbaz – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Robert Khabbaz - The Importance of Social Media in the Real Estate Business Robert started his 10+ year career in the industry as an avid Real Estate investor. He found a love for chasing the deal,

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Kendra Novak

Kendra Novak – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Kendra Novak - A Real Estate Broker with a Passion of Hiring and Training Real Estate ProfessionalsKendra is  a licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker. Part of her role as a real estate broker is to

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Daniel Naranjo

Daniel Naranjo – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Daniel Naranjo - Setting up Goals in Order to Achieve Great Successes in Real Estate Business Daniel has been a Realtor for 6 years now and he works for the brokerage of Home Quest Realty. He truly

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Tamairo Moutry

Tamairo Moutry – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Tamairo Moutry - Real Estate Agent, Broker and Developer in Four States with a Great Enthusiasm Tamairo is a Real Estate Broker, & CEO in 4 states. She has been in the real estate profession since

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Abram Covella

Abram Covella – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Abram Covella - A Real Agent who Believes in the Power of Teamwork  Abram is a Team Leader of the Ocean’s  Six Group LLC. In 2007, The Ocean's Six Group was formed and quickly set the standards

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Dominique Sherrod

Dominique Sherrod – Thriving Real Estate Agent

Dominique Sherrod - Real Estate Agents as Educators Helping Their CustomersDominique has officially been practicing real estate in Georgia since 2019. But real estate was in the background for her though

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