Candle Lockett
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Candle Lockett - The Thriving Real Estate Investor

Tune in and hear Candle Lockett, Host of podcast, "Lighting Up Real Estate", Flipper, Realtor share her journey and keys to success in real estate investing.

She is a real estate investor, rehabber, and online educator helping beginners build wealth and create passive income through the power of real estate.

When it comes to real estate, Candle writes about it, talks about it, educate others on it, sells it, manages it and lives it. It truly is her life. 

Candle is skilled in Consulting, Real Estate Investment Consulting, Podcasting, Blogger, and Course Creator. Strong real estate professional with a Bachelor of Science - BS, MS, and ED.S focused in Education from Fort Valley State University and Troy University.

Opt-Out of the Child Tax Credit advance

Opt-Out of the Child Tax Credit advance

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