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Anna Ramos  - A Realtor with a Great Global Experience 

Anna Ramos  has been a full time Realtor in business since 2006. She is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in Global Marketing and Communications who found passion in the everchanging world of Real Estate. She has lived in 3 countries, moved to more than dozen cities with and without relocation benefits which gives her a real inside knowledge of the process. In 2021 she brought her business to a new level by becoming the independent broker-owner of The Lumen Team

Along her career she has been involved in thousands of transactions in Missouri and Texas including local, national, and international clients, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

To fully take advantage of the 5 languages she speaks, the countries where she has lived and the numerous cities she has moved to, Anna holds the Certified International Professional Specialist which opens the world of business opportunities around the globe for her clients.

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