Abram Covella
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Abram Covella - A Real Agent who Believes in the Power of Teamwork

Abram is a Team Leader of the Ocean’s  Six Group LLC. In 2007, The Ocean's Six Group was formed and quickly set the standards as one of the models of how a real estate team can be greater than the sum of its parts.  Abram and his team  saw a need for specialists in every step of the process as technology was growing and the role of a realtor was more than just putting a listing in the MLS. 

Today his  ever growing team consists of 16 full-time members including Listing Agents, Buyer Agents, Listing & Marketing Coordinator, Transaction Coordinator and a Field Service Member. This specialization allows him to focus on each step of the process and helps his team to deliver 5 star service to each client. 

He has  also contracted a team of professional specialists that includes a high level marketing department, photographers, videographers, aerial drone pilots and video editors that help to create the exquisite stand-out marketing pieces that have become the industry pioneer and proudly carry the moniker of an "Ocean's Six Listing." 

 "Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds." - US Navy Seals

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